These FAQs are provided to answer some commonly asked questions. If you have additional questions, please submit your inquiries to the Assistant HUB Coordinator, Sara Kirby.

Q: How do I apply for certification as a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB)?

A: To become certified, visit the State Purchasing Registration page and follow the directions to set up a User Account and begin the HUB application process online. Allow 4 – 6 weeks for your application to be processed.

Q: What is the difference between a HUB and a HUB Zone?

A: The State of Texas HUB Program provides certification and information to support minority, women, and disabled veteran-owned businesses with their principal place of business in Texas. For more information, visit: State of Texas HUB Program.

Nationally, the Federal HUBZone Program offers information and assistance to small businesses in economically distressed communities, referred to as HUBZone. For more information, visit the U.S. Small Business Administration HUBZone Program.

Q: What is “best value” and how is it determined?

A: Best Value means the optimum combination of economy and quality to achieve the objectives of the end user and the University. There are different guidelines for purchasing goods and services as well as special services like consulting and professional services.

These criteria may involve some or all of the following examples: price, quality, service after the sale, reputation of the vendor, delivery time, cost for training or installation and even trade-in or surplus value at the end of item use. The list may include as many specific criteria for the purchase that is needed to make the evaluation.

Q: As a certified HUB, am I guaranteed a contract?

A: No. All state agencies must make a good faith effort to seek out HUBs for bid opportunities. Therefore, being certified as a HUB increases your chances of being contacted for a bid when the goods and/or services provided by your company are needed by a state agency or institution of higher education. This may also be true on bid opportunities with private industry companies since they utilize the HUB directory to identify minority or women-owned suppliers for their bids.

Q: How can I improve my knowledge of doing business with state agencies and meet key purchasing agents?

A: Visit the Economic Opportunity Forums (EOF) for a schedule of events during the fiscal year. These forums are a good place to learn more about contracting with state agencies and they offer a unique setting to network with HUB Coordinators and various procurement staff. The forums offer training, one-to-one meetings, and spot bid opportunities.

Q: How can I find out if State agencies buy the types of products or services I offer?

A: Refer to the HUB Reports, which is published twice a year and includes extensive data on statewide expenditures by agency.

Visit HUB Reporting for more information.

  • Click on the Fiscal Year report you wish to view.
  • Click on “Detail by Object Code” to find the code that matches your business.
  • Click on the object code and a list of agencies that procure in that code will display.
  • Click on the agency name and you will get a detailed list of products and services procured.

Q: Do I have to be HUB certified to do business with a State Agency or University?

A: No. Certification is not a requirement, however, being a certified HUB may increase your chances of being contacted about a bid opportunity. All state agencies and universities are required to demonstrate a “good faith effort” to utilize HUBs in their procurement opportunities.