HUB certification is administered by the Statewide Procurement Division (SPD) HUB Program through an online application process. Please visit this website for all information about HUB certification, eligibility requirements, and other HUB program information.


In accordance with Texas Administrative Code §111.13, each state agency shall make a good faith effort to utilize HUBs in contracts for construction, services (including professional and consulting services) and commodity purchases. There are many benefits to being HUB Certified:

  • HUB certification is free of charge.
  • Certification is valid for 4 years.
  • Your business is registered on the State Comptroller’s online HUB Directory.
    Only certified HUBs are registered and listed on the Texas Comptroller online HUB Directory.
  • State agencies use the HUB Directory in conjunction with the Comptroller’s Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL) to solicit bids from certified HUBs for state purchasing and public works contracts.
  • Other government agencies and private industry companies also use the HUB directory to identify eligible minority and/or women-owned businesses for their procurement diversity programs.
  • State agencies are required to make a good faith effort to include state-certified HUB suppliers in their procurement process.
  • Prime contractors use the HUB Directory to identify HUBs to whom they will send notifications of subcontracting opportunities.
  • The State of Texas HUB Directory is available to more than 200 state agencies and institutions of higher education to assist them in identifying HUBs available for procurement opportunities.

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